Expert in industrial refrigeration & hygienic air control

Clauger specializes in industrial refrigeration and hygienic air management for the agri-food and industrial sectors.

For more than 45 years, Clauger has continued to development their global business in partnership with clients. Today, our global network allows us to provide our clients with innovative solutions no matter the location or need.

Clauger’s areas of expertise allows us to take a global approach to clients’ sites, allowing us to guarantee results. Along with this global approach, Clauger accompanies the client from the first meeting and designs through to the installation and after, providing maintenance to keep your system running correctly. Our teams are able to support and guide clients in the following areas: engineering, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintenance, training of operators and technical teams.

Energy Optimization

Optimize energy consumption
Clauger offers a wide range of energy saving options, for ammonia or CO2 systems. Our commitment is to optimize the coefficient of performance by minimizing the inefficiencies of your system.

Product Quality

Improve product quality
and extend shelf life
Clauger, leaders in process cooling, helps clients to improve product quality and extend shelf life. Clauger offers custom-built cooling tunnels and cells adapted to any need or product.

AirFlow Control

Control of your site’s environmental conditions and manage airflow
All products require certain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) for quality and to eliminate risk of contamination. Clauger designs and manufactures hygienic air handlers and evaporators (stainless steel or plastic) for clients’ products based on specific needs.

Optimized air diffusion solutions
Clauger studies, designs, manufactures and maintains custom textile diffusers for comfortable ventilation for people and manufacturing processes. These textile pipelines transport or disseminate air conditioning for industrial, agro-food, pharmaceutical, logistics, commercial, etc. processes or environments.

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